In the Red Night, a Roar​.​.​. Slowly, a Chant Began​.​.​.

by Cervix

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Andrea Nencini - vocals, bass, flute, vibraphone
M. - guitar, synths & effects, harp
Marek C. - drums & percussions

All music by Cervix.
This stuff was recorded during April/May 2007 except "The Water of Life”, recorded during late 2006.

Thanks to D. Dainelli.
A special thanks goes to Tryfar & trazeroeuno.

Artwork and layout by Tryfar.

Released as a collaboration between trazeroeuno and Cuckold Productions. CDr limited to 150 copies. 0/1A011 & CKLD02


released January 11, 2008



all rights reserved


Cervix Volterra, Italy

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Track Name: The Path of Oirat
He passed his life searching for the cure,
he was not sure man cannot fly
Pray men, a pray against your fear,
you'll see the truth beyond the fen.
You'll see the stars, far in the North,
Storms of golden birds will lick your ears.

Inhale, exhale, inhale,
feel your senses reaching a vale...
(Then) exhale.

He saved your souls, Oirat-golden speech,
he undressed you from unpure clothes.
This was the first world, pure, eternal,
before the curse, a plague impossible to cure.
A new man will appear, red ears, black nose,
with a flute some notes, then your fear
will turn to joy.
Track Name: Oboo
"Na te arzhans
Oirat, Galden Oirat
Sary-Jajyk, Ak-jajyk
Oh, Oirat, Galden Oirat"

The black man stands up,
white drool from his mouth,
starts singing a chant of hope.

Plug up your ears, faithless man!
Shut up! Then I feel my lips being sewed up.

Night is coming, night will be full of stars.
Some adepts are setting on a fire,
people laugh, eat and listen to Oirat.

We'll find the truth, following Shunu
and travelling to the sky.